Covid: Why has Boris Johnson opted for caution on lockdown rules?

Covid: Why has Boris Johnson opted for caution on lockdown rules?

Imagine if, at the first สล็อตxo coronavirus briefing in Downing Street last year, Boris Johnson had said that he would put limits on our lives and the economy for 15 months.

Imagine that he had, a week later, instead of saying that the tide could be turned in 12 weeks, said we should prepare for kids to be out of school, that most shops would be closed on and off for months, that families who don't live near each other might not be able to see each other either, that some of the most vulnerable would have to shield at home, from the disease, for all of that time.

You would hardly have believed it. He would hardly have believed it either.

The prime minister's trademark used to be optimism - accused often of bluffing over detail to hope for the political best.

Yet as Mr Johnson tries to steer the country towards the exit in the second year of this pandemic, that habit is not much in evidence.

He has accepted, at the insistence of the chief medical officer, there will be long gaps between the steps out of lockdown.

Also, despite the remarkable progress, and excited rhetoric around the vaccine, there was an important acknowledgement from Mr Johnson too, that it will never reach everyone.

The "significant minority" who will never take the vaccine will still therefore pose a risk.

And while he has repeatedly promised the steps out of lockdown will be "irreversible", inside government of course there is an awareness that is just not the case.

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