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Thus, the historiography of various aspects of charity regarding different layers of the population recognizes the presence of the 20-30s. Given the general trends in the development of project management in modern Russia, it can be stated that the development of national standards is a particularly important task in this area. The need for lighting is so significant for the historical science of the question is intensified by the absence of special monographic literature on the topic of the article.

Why are charitable assistance funds are created? The charter is a small constitution of the charity foundation, so it is important to prepare the charter so that it meets the current legislation, he had a convenient structure of the management bodies and did not limit the activities of the Charitable Foundation. The new concept of "charity", we assume, appears in connection with the need to allocate the circle of state regulation measures in this area.

In addition, the "House with Lighthouse" has a beautiful shop where stylish handmade items are sold. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze three elements of the problem: historical background (context), ideas and practices of charity. Monoma, A. Bogolyubsky, A..Charity fund Parimatch Foundation.

" For all third-sector organizations, the sake of public well-being is characterized. Feophanes, Zatv. Vyshensky, 78, 159). Fathers of the Church were tirelessly called B.

Will the legislator be allowed to send family capital to build housing? The term "guardianship" is understood as "measures to care over anyone", and especially negotiates a pre-revolutionary understanding of the guardianship as "institutions for care of someone, anything." 1. Target capital is formed within the framework of a non-commercial organization for pre-established purposes (for example, in the field of culture, art, education, science, social support, etc.)..Charity.

In this regard, a comparative analysis of charity and social investment is interesting (Table. Announced the competition "Our stories" in June 2015, the team of the Elena Charitable Foundation and Gennady Timchenko thought primarily about raising confidence in the Institute of Reception Parental and Support for the Priority of the Family Device of Children remaining without parental care. Dr. Clown works exclusively on volunteer enthusiasm.

Work method - address journalistic Fundraising. B. Zhuravleva, F. Sh..Parimatch Foundation.

Military under the terms of this program receive housing, after this agreement of social rental of the premises. Providing food, clothing, medicines, etc. .. But, apparently, passivity or activity in this issue should be considered in dynamics, given the change of generations and the growth of literacy of this social group.

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